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Hunting Season Boosts Economy

Published on November 9, 2010 under News & Events


The average Minnesota hunter spends almost $800 dollars on the sport a year, which is a big boost for the state’s income. The Minnesota DNR says that despite tough economic times, the number of hunters in the state hasn’t declined. In fact, John Chalstrom, co-owner of Chalstrom’s Bait and Tackle says that he’s seen business improve since the recession began, “The last couple of years have been some of our best years of business we’ve ever had.”

Chalstrom says his customers are dedicated to the sport, “They’re not going to let a little something like the economy slow them down and keep them from going out in the woods.”

Hunter Michael Messina of Duluth agrees, So what keeps Northlanders coming back each season? For hunter Cory Hage, it’s getting in touch with nature, For hunter Philip Wood, it’s spending time with family, “This is a family tradition for most people, especially from our family, I mean it’s more of a party for everybody to get up and enjoy.”

Whatever the reason, many hunters like Gary Hage say the recession isn’t something that will keep them away, “Some things money doesn’t count for I guess.”

Chalstrom Bait and Tackle is also a partner in a group called “Hunting Works for Minnesota”, which promotes partnerships between businesses involved with hunting. They also advocate for public policies that support jobs and the economy.

“Everybody up here is going to¬†hunt no matter what.” “It’s just the peacefulness of being in the woods, nothing around you, seeing that animal walk out, the thrill is amazing.”

It’s more than blaze orange that Minnesota sporting goods stores will see this deer hunting season. Hunting brings in a lot of green, with a handsome boost to the economy.